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Excellent career opportunities are now being offered to motivated individuals ready to take their IOM career to the next level.
Be your own boss!
We are currently looking for profit-sharing partners and clinicians who are looking to get out of their dead-end jobs and out from under the oppressive thumb of large corporations. Let us help you grow your own business within the management and business structure of Artemis Intraoperative Monitoring, or consult you on how to start your own venture. We don't believe in the restrictive bullying of non-competes, but instead believe in the power of quality and small business. We aim to see the field of intraoperative monitoring grow in the direction that leaves more power in the hands of the provider.   
In addition, we are a women owned business, with plans to become certified by the WBENC within the next year. We are also an equal opportunity employer, with a special focus on the important and powerful role that women and other minorities play in building a strong foundation within the healthcare and business community.
Please contact us for more information, or check back soon for new  employment openings!
Call us at 214-810-3449
or Email:
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