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With the climate of medicine as it is today, it always helps to be protected. By using intraoperative neuromonitoring for indicated procedures, you're adding an extra layer of protection to your practice. These include:

  • Medical legal liability protection in case of lawsuit

  • Additional documentation of patient’s pre-op and post-op neurologic function

  • Decreased risk of temporary or permanent post-op neurologic deficits

  • Reduced time and healthcare costs related to neurologic deficits and associated complications

  • Assessment of other physiologic parameters such as burst suppression and depth of anesthesia 


In addition, neuromonitoring can help grow your business through:

  • Marketing of advanced techniques used for patient safety

  • Increased patient satisfaction with more successful surgeries free of neurologic or vascular complications

  • Surgeon confidence throughout procedure with live feedback in real time

  •  Reduced personal stress

  • Less complications and possible revision surgeries

  • Access to Artemis Intraoperative Monitoring's exclusive PATIENT CONCIERGE SERVICE and referral network

  • Business opportunities with a small company looking for growth

  • Medical Director positions available  




This shouldn't have to be mentioned, but many IOM companies face legal trouble for violating federal, state, and employment law, including complaints by the Texas Medical Board and recoupment by insurers. Don't find yourself guilty by association! We have absolutely ZERO history of lawsuits, ongoing investigations, or legal sanctions.   




As a hospital or ASC, you also need to keep in mind cost in addition to patient safety. By utilizing an independent contractor to provide neuromonitoring, you save the overhead of hiring additional employees, management, continuing education, billing, equipment, and supplies, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. By allowing Artemis Intraoperative Monitoring to provide services at your facility, you benefit by:

  • Having little to no cost being charged to the hospital

  • Reduced cost of extended hospital stays due to complications of surgery


In addition, working with us will give you these added benefits:

  • Compliance with contracting for minority owned businesses

  • Easy access to company management

  • Focus on education through affiliation with neurophysiology societies & programs 

Call or email us for more information, or to set up a lunch meeting today!


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