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Do you experience pain in your head, neck or back? How about in your joints, hips, shoulders, arms, hands, knees or ankles??

Let ARTEMIS IOM PATIENT CONCIERGE SERVICES help you find the relief that you need!

We have partnered with top physicians board certified in surgery, neurology, and pain management to provide elite access care and get all of your questions answered.


If selected as an eligible patient for our exclusive

PATIENT CONCIERGE SERVICE, you will be provided the following VIP care benefits:


Services We Provide:

  • Assistance in coordinating doctor's visits: Preop/Post-op care

  • Greater access to surgeon for questions outside of normal business hours

  • Priority scheduling

  • Heartfelt, one-on-one personalized care with 1 dedicated concierge host

  • Point of contact to assure seamless follow up with referring provider, if applicable

"We provide a listening ear and a helping hand"


Please see PATIENT FAQ for a list of eligible conditions 

 Call us at 214-810-3449

or Email:

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